Liqour and Spirits

FALSTER Destilleri produces mikro batches with pure ingredients, and never more than aprox. 200 bottles at a time. When you want to destill spirits, you need to have good raw materials, which is why our distillate is made from 100% organic wheat of the finest quality. But in addition, it also requires safe working methods (so that it all does not explode) and plenty of time. E.g. the entire rum production, from fermentation of the canesugar to rum mash on the fermentation tanks, we need to destill several times - first rum wine and later pure-still to approx. 80% vol. And then watered down and stored for min. 6 months, in two or more different oak barrels, before it is bottled and labeled. This work takes a total of 115 hours, to produce 200 bottles of high quality FALSTER Rum. Every bottle from FALSTER Distillery is handcrafted. It is not a result of large halls and steel tanks.

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