FALSTER Akvavit Fadlagret

500,00 SEK

0,5 L (1.000,00 SEK/L)
Incl. 25% VAT

FALSTER Akvavit Fadlagret, is our flagship within the traditional danish lunch table - a matured Snaps. When we eat the danish Smørrebrød (open faced sandwich) on weekends, Christmas and Easter, it is with Akvavit on the side. And this Akvavit Fadlagret is matured in Oak barrels with a base of dild seeds, which makes it even better. If you know the "Jubileum Akvavit", then this is the FALSTER eddition of that. A filling, round and soft experience. Akvavit Fadlagret got 5 out of 5 stars by the expert panel at VinAvisen.

  • Alcohol: 38.0% vol.
  • Allergens: None

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