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VinAvisen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “It is Rondo grapes from a vineyard in Hasselø on Falster that is incorporated into this excellent fortified wine. There is dark caramel and pure licorice in the aroma, while the taste is sweet - without being sweet - and with delicate and complex spicy notes that endure in the long aftertaste. One would think the wine had been created under southern skies. Denmark has done well - and Falster! Enjoy the wine for spicy dry cakes. ”

FALSTER Hedvin "Hasselø" is Danish Fortified Wine made from grapes from Hasselø on Falster.

The grapes were harvested in 2019 and subsequently placed on small oak barrels for a minimum of 10 months.

A dark, dense and full-bodied fortified wine with good fruity taste and fine sweetness. Perfect for winter desserts or a good piece of chocolate, confectionery or baked goods.

Contains sulfites / Contains sulfites

QUANTITY: ONLY 139 numbered bottles.

Fortified Wine from our vineyard on Hasselø 4 km west of the Distillery in Væggerløse.

Hasselø is an island that in 1873 was joined to Falster. The soil consists of sand, chalk and lots of flint. In comparison, Falster is pure fat clay soil and therefore completely different from Hasselø.

The vineyard is only 300 meters from Guldborgsund between Lolland and Falster and as close to water as you can get. Max 5-6 meters above sea level. Guldborgsund has significantly warmer water than it is out on Falster's East Coast at Marielyst and therefore also serves as a heat source in the outer months, when the season is extended.

This Fortified Wine is produced just like they would do in Portugal. Hand-sorted grapes that are crushed and start a very small fermentation before it is stopped with cask-aged grape spirit and matured in small 32-liter oak barrels where PX has been on before. Matures for a max of 10 months.

Perfect for winter desserts, confectionery and pastries.

Grape variety: Rondo. Age of vines 16-20 years. Total number of vines 410.

Area of vineyard: 1600 m2

Soil: sand, chalk and flint. SOLD OUT - NEW VINTAGE AHEAD

  • Release: 2021
  • Alcohol: 21.0% vol.
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites

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