FALSTER Likør Stout & Kaffe

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0,5 L (860,00 SEK/L)
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VinAvisen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The legendary Imperial Stout “Evening Sun” (Aftensol) from FALSTER Bryghus, lays the foundation for this coffee liqueur, where the volume of taste and intensity has been increased.

Enjoyed hot at 55 degrees in small shot glasses - 5 sec. in the microwave - ad a little whipped cream on top.

Also perfect served as a cold luxury iced coffee or just at room temperature for the fine beer Aftensol.

Contains: gluten, licorice and caffeine.

QUANTITY: ONLY 200 bottles per batch

  • Alcohol: 18.0% vol.
  • Allergens: Gluten

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