FALSTER Whisky Peated – 1st. Release 2020 46.0% 0.5L, Spirits

FALSTER Whisky Peated – 1st. Release 2020

Alcohol: 46.0%

3.650,00 SEK

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  • 0,5 L (7.300,00 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

Danish Single Malt Whisky. Peated Whisky. Double Wood.
The mainstay of this whiskey is the sweetness and fullness of the distillate and casks as well as the fine smoky taste

The mash for FALSTER Whiskey Peated is exclusively brewed on Peated Barley. Set to ferment for approx. 14 days and then distilled twice in a 200 liter Copper Pot Still.

Adjusted to the barrel strength of 63.5% and then filled first on used Bourbon barrels from the USA of 55 liters and later on specially remodeled PX-Sherry barrels of 32 liters. A total of 3 years of barrel storage.

The purpose of the 2 dishes is a stable storage as well as oak and bourbon notes from the Bourbon dishes and sweetness from the PX dishes which together with the smoked notes will go really well in range.

ONLY: 232 numbered bottles.

LAUNCHED: 5th June 2023.

Only 232 bottles in our first launch, but many are pre-sold - so get your hands on our very first Peated Whiskey before it sells out.

Release: 2020

  • Alcohol: 46.0% vol.
  • Allergens: None

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