OLOROSO 5 Years Old – Hedvin – FALSTER Destilleri

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OLOROSO 5 Years Old. DO Montilla-Moriles. Fortified Wine. Produce of Spain. Bottled by FALSTER Distillery.

OLOROSO 5 Years Old is a semi-dry fortified wine made from the Pedro Ximenez grape. During storage, the wine is under great heat exposure and becomes heavily oxydized. The result is a unique wine style that helps to give notes of nuts.

Some of the small oak barrels used at FALSTER Distillery have matured with Oloroso and both Brandy and Whiskey barrels are stored on Oloroso barrels.

This Oloroso is good for tea and salty snack in the afternoon.

Enjoyed at 10-12 degrees.

Contains sulfites / Contains sulfites

QUANTITY: ONLY 50 bottles per batch.

  • Alcohol: 18.0% vol.
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites

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